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When you walk in to Lekis, you know you have entered a special place. You will find children busy crafting, listening to a Swedish storybook during circle time, building with blocks, or maybe playing on one of the play structures in the large shaded backyard. Our preschool day incorporates a balance of self-directed play and thoughtful teacher guidance, where children can experience the joy of discovery for themselves, while learning about Swedish culture and traditions. 

Lekis is a private Swedish-language preschool for children between 2.9 and 6 years. We sing Swedish songs, play Swedish games, read Swedish fairy tales and do simpler work. We also have theme days when we introduce Pippi longstocking, Alfons Åberg, midsummer and other festivities.  

What we want to achieve is to strengthen the ties to Sweden and to interest and prepare the children for further studies in the Swedish language. The goal is for the children to be surrounded by and practice the Swedish language, stay among other Swedish-speaking children and adults so that they are encouraged to keep their Swedish language as far as possible. All teaching takes place in Swedish. Therefore, in order for the child to be able to take advantage of the teaching, it is important that Swedish is spoken in the home.

Lekis also serves as a meeting point for parents of young children, where you can have fun together, talk and exchange experiences.


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