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About Lekis

We are a non-profit, parent-coop/teacher-led Swedish immersion pre-school open to children from age two to seven, serving families in the East Bay.

We meet bi-monthly in Walnut Creek, and are open to children 2 years 9 months to age 6, who have a moderate understanding of the Swedish language. Each session is centered on a Swedish-themed character or activity, and we also participate in traditional celebrations like Lucia, Christmas, Easter, and Midsummer. In addition, we have an extensive Swedish library, where all members can borrow books and movies on a monthly basis. 

Lekis creates a place where families spend time together, exploring their shared cultural heritage. Parents work together assisting with teaching, fundraising, and maintaining our space; we chat and play together in the classroom, the playground, the school kitchen, and during outings. We come together at Lucia, Jul, Midsommar and other events, where we not only create experiences with our children, but also socialize with other adults. The time we spend together allows us to create a support structure and lasting friendships that we cherish, not only for our children, but for ourselves as well.


We all want the best for our kids. Working together, parents at Lekis create a time in our children’s lives and ours that we will cherish for years to come, well beyond their time here!

We also would like to thank Swea San Francisco for their generous fundings so we can keep spreading Swedish culture to our kids and friends.

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